Australian Crafted 90mm AC Invader 40ft+

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90mm AC Invader 40ft+

The 90mm AC Invader is a perfectly designed size for numerous Murray Cod applications. These lures are large enough to tempt monster Murray Cod and also small enough to be taken by fish as small as 40cm. The 90mm AC Invader is extremely buoyant which mean makes snag resistant for both trolling and casting.

The 40ft model is perfect for lakes and impoundments when fishing deep water. A great trolling lure when fishing from 5–10 metres. They crash dive and can be fished deeper by letting out more line, or shallower by restricting the line.

They are also great for casting at timber lines banks in dams as they will crash dive and can hold close to the bottom. Constructed with a wire through bib means you’ll always stay connected to your fish.


Diving depth up to 12m (40ft) 

Injected plastic body

Extremley snag resistant

Crash dives


VMC Hooks

Internal rattle

About Australian Crafted:

Australian Crafted lures are one of the best and most well-known hardbody lures made for Australian Native species (Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Australian Bass). They are constructed from the highest quality components, including; quality injected moulded bodies, high quality paint, laser cut Lexan bibs and VMC hooks.

They have been around since 1993 and are made locally in Wagga Wagga by Anthony Curtis. One of the best Australian made hardbody lures that have been around for over 25 years!

Rhys' Recommendation: '90mm 40ft+ is a great size for trolling in lakes and dams. They don’t create too much drag through the water making them easy to fish with and they will catch both small and large Murray Cod. The 40ft bib is extremely versatile allowing you to adjust your lure from deep to shallow during a troll run. Perfect for trolling steep rocky banks when the depth changes quickly.’
More Information
Depth Deep Diving
Length Medium 80 - 129mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod, Golden Perch
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