Australian Crafted Swimbait 200mm

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Australian Crafted Swimabait 200mm

AC’s very first swimbait ticks all the boxes for Murray Cod anglers. This swimbait is extremely realistic and has one of the best swimming actions you’ll ever find on a swimbait. Different to many other swimbaits, its head tracks straight and the segments kick roll and kick out side to side, producing an insanely realistic swimming action!

At 200mm in length and with a deep body profile it is a large profile for targeting big Murray Cod. It has a very slow sink and is best fished in the shallow margins (1-3m of water) early and late in the day. Can be cast a very long way with a large swimbait rod.

Also a great lure to troll a long way behind the boat nice and slow, for spooky fish that aren’t tempted by large hard body lures. With such a slow sink they can be used in both dams and rivers.


Extremely realistic swimming action

4 joints for increased tail action on slow roll 

Massive lure for MONSTER fish

Slow sinking 

Designed for fishing shallow water

7 realistic colours

Custom designed and built tough for Murray Cod

About Australian Crafted:

Australian Crafted lures are one of the best and most well-known hardbody lures made for Australian Native species (Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Australian Bass). They are constructed from the highest quality components, including; quality injected moulded bodies, high quality paint, laser cut Lexan bibs and VMC hooks.

They have been around since 1993 and are made locally in Wagga Wagga by Anthony Curtis. One of the best Australian made hardbody lures that have been around for over 25 years!

Rhys' Recommendation: ‘This is up there as one of the most realistic swimbaits I have ever seen! The actual head sits still like a normal fish and the joints and tail kick out side to side… exactly how a fish swims. Heaps of action even on the slowest of retrieves. I like to cast these along shallow banks early in the morning and also retrieving them above big logs as cod will come out of the structure to chase the swimbait. If you are fishing close to heavy timber you can change the trebles to doubles facing backwards and this will allow the lure to ride through the structure.’
More Information
Depth Slow Sinking
Length X Large > 200mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod
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