Balista Hunchback 90

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Balista Hunchback 90

The Hunchback 90 is a surface paddler lure that has an epic surface crawling action designed for one thing only - to target big surface feeding Murray Cod. The lure design inspired the Hunchback name, as the tail of the lure hunches around and down to allow the rear point of the lure to sit below the surface giving excellent hook up rates.

The After Dark colour has a reduced LED specifically for night time, you can really notice the LED working for you if you get a bite that doesn't hook up leave the lure stationary for up to 60 seconds and Murray Cod will quite often come back and eat it whilst the lure sits there flashing. Next time you're going surface fishing try out the Balista Hunchback, every feature is designed to promote more Murray Cod striking the lure, and more fish hooking up.

Featuring ultra-sharp BKK 3X hooks for extra strength and increased hook up rates. Also featuring a clip off bib which makes for convenient storage, any Murray Cod surface crawler with a bit of size is hard to store in a standard tackle box making the clip off bib super handy.


Paddler style surface lure

Clip off Bib for storage

Hunchback designed shape for increased hook-up

LED Technology

Reduced LED for After Dark use

Super sharp BKK hooks

About Balista:

Balista Lures are designed using LED technology and flash when in the water. Design in Australia by James Dainton he was looking for a way to increase his catch rates. He tested a variety of LED’s at James Cook University to see if there was a correlation between flashing LED lights and increased feeding activity from fish.

What he found was fascinating. In every experiment he did the Barramundi would always attack the red LED light, it was glaringly obvious that the Barra were fascinated by the red light.

Balista replicate this technology inside high quality made lures for all species of Australian fish, fresh and salt. A few of the models in the range are specifically design for freshwater species including the Smoke, Dyno, Hunchback, Juggernaut and Trigger.

Rhys' Recommendation: 'Specifically designed for Murray Cod, the Balista Hunchback 90 is great for almost every situation. It can be cast in rivers for large cod and even small creeks for small to medium sized cod. The After Dark colour is perfect for fishing during the night with reduced LED. Having a lure where you can remove the bib is good for fitting into small tackle boxes when walking the banks.'
More Information
Brand Balista
Depth Surface
Length Medium 80 - 129mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod
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