Balista Juggernaut 90

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Balista Juggernaut 90

The Balista Juggernaut 90 is a large lipless crankbait designed for fishing deep water for Murray Cod. It has a side to side wobble on an extremely slow roll and at 1once it sinks into the strike zone quickly.

Perfect searching lure when targeting Murray Cod in large impoundments. All sized cod will take this lure which is what makes it so versatile. Best technique is to hop it down steep rocky banks in 4-9m of water.

It features Balista's LED technology and is fitted out with ultra sharp BKK hooks and quality split rings.


Slow sink rate

Deadly action on slow roll

LED Technology

Super sharp BKK hooks

About Balista:

Balista Lures are designed using LED technology and flash when in the water. Design in Australia by James Dainton he was looking for a way to increase his catch rates. He tested a variety of LED’s at James Cook University to see if there was a correlation between flashing LED lights and increased feeding activity from fish.

What he found was fascinating. In every experiment he did the Barramundi would always attack the red LED light, it was glaringly obvious that the Barra were fascinated by the red light.

Balista replicate this technology inside high quality made lures for all species of Australian fish, fresh and salt. A few of the models in the range are specifically design for freshwater species including the Smoke, Dyno, Hunchback, Juggernaut and Trigger.

Rhys' Recommendation: 'Large lipless crankbaits like the Balista Juggernaut 90 are underused by cod anglers. They are a brilliant searching lure when fishing in dams. Rather than casting massive lures it's sometimes good to downsize, especially in summer as the smaller fish (40-80cm) have a higher chance at grabbing a lure of this size. The fish shaped profile makes them extremely realistic.'
More Information
Brand Balista
Depth Sinking
Length Medium 80 - 129mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod, Golden Perch
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