Biovex Joint Bait 176SF

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Biovex Joint Bait 176SF

The Biovex Joint Bait is a highly detailed swimbait with an insane swimming action! A slow floating swimbait which means it can be used just like a swimbait with the tail breaching the surface making for an unbelievable S shaped pattern on the water’s surface. Weighing in at 60 grams this lure is unbelievable to cast and flies through the air.

It can also be used below the surface and fished at any depth just by adding weight to the front. Adding weight doesn’t impact on the lures swimming action. Perfect for fishing surface or very shallow early in the morning and then can be fished deeper during the day.

Its Japanese designed which means nothing but quality! Detailed features, an incredible colour range and built with tough and quality components that will handle large Murray cod. It comes with super sharp treble hooks but they are lighter in gauge, so need to be upgraded if targeting large Murray Cod.


Extremely realistic S shaped swimming action

Works on slow roll and fast retrieve

Versatile, can be fished at all depths

Slow floating

High detail design and colour range

Aerodynamic, can be cast long distance

About Biovex:

Biovex lures focus on their original concept to develop high quality and result-oriented lures. They are custom designed by Japanese lure designers. Biovex make lures that are used for species all around the world and they continually design and improve to make better lures for their customers.

Rhys' Recommendation: 'When I first saw this lure swim I couldn’t believe its action! It sits just under the surface and when retrieved slowly it creates an amazing S shaped pattern in the water. But what we found is we could speed up the retrieve… as fast as we wanted and the lure never rolled on its side, it continued to swim. Amazing swimbait that you can fish in any water depth. These can be used in large impoundments and lakes targeting all sized Murray Cod at any time of the year. You can even surface fish with them in small creeks and river… anything is possible!’
More Information
Brand Biovex
Depth Surface
Length Large 130 - 199mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod
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