Ecogear ZX40 ZX Blade

The Ecogear ZX40 is a highly detailed metal blade designed to imitate shrimp and yabbies.
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Ecogear ZX40

The Ecogear ZX40 is a highly detailed metal blade designed to imitate shrimp and yabbies. It has a wide and sharp side to side wobble on even the slowest of rolls and out performs all other blades on the market. They are 40mm in length and include super sharp single assist hooks and silicone feelers.

This lure is a favourite among freshwater anglers targeting Golden Perch and are best fished on the bottom imitating a yabby. The hop and drop technique works best with long pauses in between hops. You can mix up the speed of the retrieve and size of the hops and this lure even works well on a straight slow roll.

They are extremely easy to use and are cast a long way making them perfect for casting in windy conditions.


Prawn and yabby imitation blade

Detailed design including silicone feelers

Wide and sharp size to size wobble

Super sharp single assist hooks 

Realistic and detailed colour range

About Ecogear:

The Ecogear range of lures are distributed in Australia by JML Anglers Alliance. They are high quality Japanese designed lures with a range of small blades, vibes, hardbodies and plastics which are design specifically for smaller species.

A range of these lures fit perfectly into freshwater anglers tackle boxes for targeting Golden Perch, Redfin, Bass and Trout. The ZX blade is a favourite among Golden perch anglers and these lures are becoming the go to for large Golden’s in impoundments.

Rhys' Recommendation:  ‘The best yabby imitation on the market! I love casting these in against rocky banks during spring when Golden Perch are schooling and feeding on yabbies. They look realistic and have a great vibration when hopped which is the best technique. We catch heaps of fish that even suck the blade in while it’s resting on the bottom.’
More Information
Brand Ecogear
Depth Sinking
Length Small 0 - 79mm
Material Bladed
Species Golden Perch, Redfin, Trout, Bass
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