IGNITE Cod Fury 220mm


NEW Colours - Yellowbelly and Murray Cod

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IGNITE Cod Fury 220mm 

The 220mm Ignite Cod Fury is the ultimate lure for targeting BIG Murray Cod in lakes and dams. It is a large soft plastic lure that is specifically designed for Murray Cod. It’s made from a soft but yet super strong soft plastic which means it withstand hit after hit from giant Murray Cod.

It’s the perfect casting lure and can be fished down steep rocky banks and across grassy flats in search of feeding fish. It comes with a weight and BKK treble hook for line thru rigging. You can also rig them with a jighead and a stinger hook. There are videos on our preferred way to rig these plastics to increase the hook up rate on our website - see video here. It can also be trolled successfully down deep.

These plastics have an unbelievable swimming action and are deadly on giant Murray Cod!


Extremely lifelike, realistic and flexible

Super strong and flexible soft plastic

Deadly body roll action on slow roll

Wide paddle tail action

Line thru design

Body weight and BKK Treble Hook

Can be rigged with jighead and stinger hook

High quality details and colours

Can be customised to suit any situation


Ignite Lures is a new Australian owned company who are best known for their Cod Fury Soft Plastics. These lures are the new Australian Design from the successful predecessor the FX Fury which has multiple monster cod captures to its name.

Ignite Lures are dedicated on producing high quality lures that are specifically design for targeting freshwater species, with Murray Cod at the top of the list.

Rhys' Recommendation: ‘The Ignite Cod Fury are our go to cod lures for chasing MONSTER Cod! It’s my confidence lure when targeting big fish in nearly all situations on large impoundments. I love fishing them in winter along the grassy banks and along the rocky banks in the warmer months. The SF Team was lucky enough to work with Ignite to help design this new body shape and also two colours in the range, Carp and SF Special. These two colours are perfect for all freshwater situations. Make sure you grab yourself some of these lures when targeting those trophy Murray Cod!’
More Information
Brand Ignite
Depth Sinking
Length X Large > 200mm
Material Soft Plastic
Species Murray Cod
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