Megabass Vatalion 115 Floating Swimbait

Bite-triggering switchback glide action!

The Megabass VATALION vibration / glidebait is tuned for all speeds, and is designed stop on a dime and slide out to the left or right when the retrieve is suddenly paused. With a slow retrieve, VATALION exhibits sharp, quick turns for pinpoint targeting of channels through grass beds, submerged weeds, and alongside structure. With fast retrieves, it tightens up and delivers a hard-hitting, high-pitch rolling action akin to the Vibration-X Ultra, luring bites from distance.

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Floating model: 115mm, 39 grams (1 3/8oz)
More Information
Brand Megabass
Depth Surface
Length Medium 80 - 129mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Bass
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