Westin Percy the Perch 20cm

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Westin Percy the Perch 20cm

Westin Percy the Perch is the perfect representation of a Redfin which is a major food source that Murray Cod predate upon in lakes and dams. At 200mm in length it’s the perfect size feed for large Murray Cod, but it will also attract smaller fish as well.

Percy the Perch has a hybrid body with a solid head and soft plastic tail section. The jointed body allows for an intense and flexible swimming action. With a shallow swimming depth of 1-3m it makes it a perfect option for fishing in shallow water close to the bank. A quick wind to help it dive and then a slow roll with random pulses and twitches is the best technique.

It includes a full wire through construction to both treble hooks in a line thru style rigging system.


Best Redfin immitation on the market

Full wire through connection 

Hybrid plastic - soft tail section for increased movement

Life like presentation

Slide lock easy to change connection

Full wire through connection 

Interior chamber for rattle sticks

Realistic and detailed colour range

About Westin:

The Westin range of lures are distributed in Australia by JML Anglers Alliance. Westin produce plastics, swimbaits and surface lures which are used for Pike throughout Europe. JML noticed that these lures were perfect for Australian natives that they carefully selected the best lures to bring to Australia.

A range of products like the famous Shad Teez, Swim 120, Percy the Perch, Tommy the Trout, Hypo Teez, Barry the Bass and more! These lures are perfect for monster Murray Cod and have been used widely by anglers like Adam Townsend to land some massive cod.

Rhys' Recommendation: 'Extremely realistic hybrid swimbait that looks exactly like a Redfin! There is no lure that comes close to Percy the Perch. I like using these in lakes with large amounts of Redfin and fishing them tight to the bank. Redfin will school up on the edges of the lakes and cod will move in to feed on them. Use a twitch and pause technique with erratic movements to represent a fleeing or injured Redfin.'
More Information
Brand Westin
Depth Shallow Diving
Length X Large > 200mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod
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