Westin Tommy the Trout 25cm

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Westin Tommy the Trout 25cm

Tommy the Trout is the best Trout representation you will find! This is the big model measuring a huge 25cm and is perfect for targeting massive Murray Cod! Tommy the Trout is an extremely lifelike hybrid lure with a solid plastic head with a bib to help it dive and then 2/3rds soft plastic with a single joint.

It has a different action to a lot of conventional cod lures, with a slow cruising action and very slight tail movement on a slow roll. It has a very slow sink and the bib helps it to reach depths between 2-5m.

It is best fished tight in against the shallow early in the morning during winter when the large cod are out looking for a feed. This is a large lure and requires a swimbait rod to cast. Big lure for catching monster cod!


Swimbait wire through design

Massive lure for MONSTER fish

Hybrid plastic - soft tail section for increased movement

Duel treble hooks connected with wire thru

Easy change slide lock connection

Realistic and detailed colour range

About Westin:

The Westin range of lures are distributed in Australia by JML Anglers Alliance. Westin produce plastics, swimbaits and surface lures which are used for Pike throughout Europe. JML noticed that these lures were perfect for Australian natives that they carefully selected the best lures to bring to Australia.

A range of products like the famous Shad Teez, Swim 120, Percy the Perch, Tommy the Trout, Hypo Teez, Barry the Bass and more! These lures are perfect for monster Murray Cod and have been used widely by anglers like Adam Townsend to land some massive cod.

Rhys' Recommendation: 'Tommy the Trout 25cm is a massive lure, one of the biggest I own but it’s a must for cod anglers, especially if you fish places like Blowering Dam in winter. The large cod during winter push into the shallows to feed on Trout at first light and this is the most detailed and life like representations on the market. A very slow roll is the best technique as the plastic slowly glides through the water like a cruising Trout.’
More Information
Brand Westin
Depth Shallow Diving
Length X Large > 200mm
Material Hard Plastic
Species Murray Cod
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