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The Social Fishing Store is a branch of the popular Social Fishing - Educational Website (www.socialfishing.com.au). We have built this platform where you can find and purchase the best quality native lures, all in one place. 

Through meeting anglers like yourself, on our main website we received a lot of questions in regards to buying the lures we use. Some of you live in places where these lures aren't stock or you cannot get access to them. We decided to solve this issue for you and bring to you all the lures we use to catch freshwater fish!

The Social Fishing Store is only young and will continue to grow as we expand the range of products on offer.

Is there a lure you want that we don't stock?

Jump over to our Contact Us page and send us an email! We want to hear about all the lures you love to use and we will endevour to get them just for you!

Happy fishing,

Rhys Creed
Social Fishing

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